Minimarket Establishment Consultant

Minimarket is one of the business fields that are currently the choice of many people in Indonesia. This pandemic era gave many students that many businesses were destroyed and even bankrupted because they were affected by the pandemic. In Indonesia, it is proven that minimarket businesses that sell daily products are still strong and can survive, even get a very extraordinary place. We know, that the policy about business that includes essentials is the sale of daily product-based retail products, therefore minimarket becomes prima donna. Finally many people are interested in setting up this business, because it has proven its existence is very strong and resilient. Ritelteam Indonesia as Minimarket Establishment Consultant try to Helping your business.

Minimarket Establishment Consultant

We Ritelteam Indonesia is one of the best Consultants in Indonesia, has had many clients for the entire archipelago. In our records, as many as approximately 20,000 of our clients throughout Indonesia. We have branches ranging from medan, padang, Riau, Jambi, Palembang, central Java, Jogjakarta, East Java and Lombok. In addition, there are also sales agents in NTT, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. We have been in 2011 and have personal experience since 2000.

Founder of Ritelteam Indonesia Adri Syahrizal and Co-founder Muhammad Syarif Hidayatullah, have experience in the field of minimarket business since becoming a student, namely managing the Student Cooperative of Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University Yogyakarta. This experience is very useful when becoming a Minimarket consultant, because with the experience possessed by the existence of Ritelteam Indonesia is very strong when in presenting a package of minimarket establishment consulting.

Ritelteam Indonesia as a Consultant in the establishment of Minimarket has the following services:

1. Consultant on the establishment of a new minimarket

2. Consultant Recovery of minimarket management

3. Minimarket Development Consultant

4. Minimarket Management Consultant

5. Minimarket Financial Management Consultant

6. Minimarket marketing management consultancy

7. Minimarket merchandising management consultancy

8. Minimarket financial management consultant

9. Minimarket tax reporting assistance

Excellence of Retailteam Indonesia

The advantages we have are as follows:

1. Have a long experience since 2000

2. Has more than 20,000 clients across Indonesia

3. Have your own cashier /Pos software based on online software that integrates with web ecommerce.

4. Have your own procurement of equipment, such as Minimarket Racks, Iron Shelves, Cashier tables, cigarette racks.

5. Have your own cashier equipment.

6. Having your own team of mentoring consultants is not out-sourcing, meaning long-term responsibility can be accounted for, not a hit and run project.

7. Have free consultation services

8. Have a free layout creation service.

9. Serving the creation of business feasibility and location surveys.

Of all the advantages, we are confident that if you become our customer, it will be a satisfaction in addition to effectiveness in the implementation of the establishment of a new minimarket or improvements in the management of your Minimarket.

Konsultan Minimarket

Who is the target of Retailteam Indonesia?

Our target customers are as follows:

1. People who want to set up a new minimarket.

2. Shop owners who are already running and want to make modern management improvements

3. Traditional store owners who need cashier software (POS).

4. Business owners who want to have their own web ecommerce store

5. Shop Owners who need Modern Minimarket Shelves.

6. Shop Owners who need improvements in minimarket financial management.

Are you who have the desire to have a minimarket business and already have capital and do not have a location? Please contact us for the creation of business feasibility or survey the location you need. Those of you who already have a business room and do not have the knowledge and knowledge about the establishment of a minimarket? Please contact us immediately.

Why use the services of a consultant?

If you want to invest in a business, you don’t have the knowledge yet? It is best to use the services of a trusted consultant. It’s so important what? Because there are many impacts that you will feel if you set up your own business without the correct knowledge in miniamrket bisns. The impact is as follows:

1. Wrong in buying minimarket rack equipment, such as tentaclysion or inefficient in accordance with the room you have

2. Wrong use of software, so the impact later your marketing strategy will not be effective.

3. Wrong in making purchases of goods, the most dangerous impact is the goods you buy expire, slow turnover and high prices.

So hopefully, it is useful for those of you who have the desire to set up a minimarket or want to make improvements to your Store management.

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